In the age of post fordist societies and the new crisis of the occidental world a new popular demand for freedom is necessary. Apples from the Underground is a blog inspired by the underground subcultures of resistance , rave music creativity , temporary autonomous zones and radical theory. Therefore it remains open to everybody to send news , ideas and essential thoughts. Apples from the Underground is also a way to give inspiration to other initiatives , zines and underground iniatives to start function in this crazy society based on oppression and control. Feel free to contact and send us your news and opinions

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Monday, December 29, 2008

an open invitation to TEKNO djs , soundsystems - Budapest

Budapest is a city with not may underground parties going on. This is the reason of writing an announcement in apples from the underground. We invite every party organizer , teknival and so on to come. We will organize the rest like accommodation and a party space. We would be glad if you contact us and discuss further details.

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tekno heads from the apples of the underground

Friday, December 26, 2008

Morze infoshop Budapest #-1

An open lab of creativity , horizontalism , radical theory , ephemeral arts ,underground subcultures start functioning this week in Budapest. Morze infoshop is an open space for radical experiments , travelers who need information as well as militant research , counter information. The infoshop is into the Tuzrakter cultural centre.

The first big public event of the infoshop will take place at December 31st in the night. An electro fusion night including projections on the wall , cocktails and drinks.

more info :

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