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Monday, March 30, 2009

an other night love techno hate germany in Berlin

another part of the love techno hate germany party series, and again some little impressions for you.



lovetechnohategermany4that was a throughout nice event once again, cheap entrance, nice and nicely mixed crowd, the event not to overpolitical posing, but with a certain radical-left stance and some infomaterial for the little antifas.

i enjoyed it very much again. the cuba libre tasted like you forgot the coke. lokal is such a nice location, greetings to the crew, was a cheerful reunion passing by your club at around 14 o’clock…

the banner says: “” makes sense to me.

next time is already in 2 weeks, again with ://about blank playing, so be there. 11th or april.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

upcoming techno events against germany

by dr0fn0thing

the german state (urgs) wants the german people (what the f*ck!) to celebrate this year that the GDR broke down 20 years ago and all these germans (f*ck!) were reunited in their little stupid country. and much more, like the german constitution (f*ck!). since marx’ commentary (the german ideology) and atari teenage riot’s music (deutschland has gotta die), rostock/lichtenhagen and todays revitalised german patriotism, we have 2 or 3 things against the theory and practice of the german nation. so here we recommend you some parties where no deutschland-flag swinging, kicking “foreigners” & queers and schunkeln will happen.


27th of march with mombasajoe (4augenvoegeln) andDisko DNA (Delikat/dreiD) in the Lokal (right next to U8 Rosenthaler Platz). this series was always nice, so be there.


9th of april then in Köpi also an antinationalist party event. looking forward to that, too!

further information on the myspace profiles:

Love Techno Hate Germany & Des Rues de Sucre

Saturday, March 21, 2009

kiezparade, techno open air in the park, butzke’s back

by dr0fn0thing


don’t know what you should do this weekend in berlin? on saturday is a rave/parade (”kiezparade”) against a nazi-shop (the label Thor Steinar, that’s closely associated to right-wing extremist structures). starting 12:00 at boxhagener platz, with the hedonist international playing some techno and keepitrollin playing drum’n'bass and more. that will scare those racist bastards with their bad taste of music surely away… their shop got attacked by antifascists almost immediatelly after the opening and has to close soon, from what i have heard (the landlords claims to be tricked by Thor Steinar).

also on saturday the first techno open air in the park to welcome spring… and the mysteriously missing ritter butzke is not back, but on tour. see you there :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

insti2te Special Edition: The Hedonist International manifesto… or better when rave meets self determination??

Today at the insti2te , I decide to start a new special edition about various rave , tekno (and beyond) collectives around the globe. As usual We start with a manifesto or something more sofisticated :P connected with radical theory tendencies and the rave culture in general. we consider fully important for the scene to have examples like H.I. Especially this group who remains in the center of interest of the whole underground party scene today. We publish their manifesto bellow. Keep up the good work guys
  • wants joy, pleasure, happiness, and a life based on self-determination for all people.
  • doesn’t view hedonism as the engine of a society based on mindless materialist entertainment, but as the chance to overcome present circumstances.
  • is not an organization, but an idea, whose implementation is the responsibility of every individual. Nobody but the individual is responsible for his or her actions. Hedonists organize themselves in manifold ways to take specific or random action.
  • recognizes that the paths to a good life are circuitous and rocky. There is no single, simple solution, but many. Everywhere in peoples’ heads, ideas are being born. There is no ideology, master plan, wise president, or leader. There is only a process of gaining consciousness to which every person can contribute with their ideas and actions.
  • doesn’t know how these goals can be reached, but knows that something must happen so all people can enjoy freedom and happiness.
  • is convinced that political involvement and actions can be fun. Where hierarchy begins, fun ends. Where fun ends, hierarchy begins.
  • wants a world where highly developed technologies allow all human beings to live free of the necessity to work and be exploited, hereby allowing humankind to dedicate itself to the arts and the creation of beautiful things.
  • counts on the collaboration and free association of individuals with equal rights.
  • concedes that even small advances towards the goals of hedonism represent an improvement over current circumstances. Each step increases the potential for further developments.
  • creates temporary hedonist zones and situations beneficial to the flourishing of its ideas and realization of its goals.
  • believes in light-heartedness. Only this will keep us from taking ourselves too seriously.
  • is represented by the colors pink, black, gold, silver, and white.
  • wants joyful togetherness, anarchy, epicurean ideas, multifaceted joy, sensuality, diversion, friendship, justice, tolerance, freedom, sexual freedom, sustainability, peace, free access to information, the arts, a cosmopolitan existence, and a world without borders or discrimination, and everything else that is wonderful but not a reality today.
  • wants joy, freedom, everything !
  • The playground of ideas is vast. Do what you like, not what you must!

    flyer of Morze infoshop Budapest

    Wednesday, March 4, 2009

    solidarity with the prisoners of the greek revolt last December ..

    dynamics from electro crews in Athens organise this saturday a solidarity event in the central technical university in Athens .. We post the flyer as a message of solidarity .. see you there ...

    apples from the underground blog zine