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Saturday, March 21, 2009

kiezparade, techno open air in the park, butzke’s back

by dr0fn0thing


don’t know what you should do this weekend in berlin? on saturday is a rave/parade (”kiezparade”) against a nazi-shop (the label Thor Steinar, that’s closely associated to right-wing extremist structures). starting 12:00 at boxhagener platz, with the hedonist international playing some techno and keepitrollin playing drum’n'bass and more. that will scare those racist bastards with their bad taste of music surely away… their shop got attacked by antifascists almost immediatelly after the opening and has to close soon, from what i have heard (the landlords claims to be tricked by Thor Steinar).

also on saturday the first techno open air in the park to welcome spring… and the mysteriously missing ritter butzke is not back, but on tour. see you there :)

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