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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Demonstration at the Serbian Embassy in Budapest

In the evening of 29 September the coalition of anarchist movements of Budapest represented by comrades from Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Ukraine, as well as LGBT (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender) activists from various countries - Hungary, USA, Serbia, Austria, Russia etc. made a short demonstration in front of the Serbian embassy in Budapest. The major aim was to protest against state repression and governmental policies in Serbia.

The reasons - case studies - were:

a) imprisonment of 6 anarcho-syndicalists in Belgrade:
5, as it turned out later, 6 activists were accused without any evidence in a solidarity action (related to December events in Greece and murder of 15 y.o. anarchist) that took place on 25 August at the Greek embassy in Belgrade. They may get 3-15 years of prison:;

b) cancellation of Pride Parade in Belgrade one day before its date:
it was proclaimed that any demonstration is prohibited in Serbia from the date when the Pride Parade should have taken place, although the neo-nazi demo still happened that day.

The demo was supposed to be a short one, as it was not registered.

First, two big transparencies were put on the fence of the embassy

then the info-board of the embassy was covered by flyers (;

after some messages for the support of LGBT activists in Belgrade were put on stone parts of the fence;

a letter to the ambassador of Serbia in Hungary was put in the mail box together with some flyers. The letter aimed at attracting attention to the cancellation of Belgrade Pride Parade and asking for involvement of the Serbian authorities in LGBT issues and protection of LGBT rights;

finally, the rest of flyers were distributed among the participants (ca. 30) of the demonstration and thrown on the territory of the embassy and around.

This was a peaceful action aiming at attracting authorities' attention to current policies of the Serbian state and calling them to take action and protect rights of the groups that are victims of state repression - anarcho-syndicalists and LGBT activists.

Additional information:


Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Street Party aka. Kálvária Ball in Budapest

Kálvária Square Ball

September 26, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Kálvária square, 8th district, Budapest

Kálvária Free Picnic: varios dishes made of the dumpster dived food collected at the market
Free Shop: a possibility to exchange clothes and things, bring something you do not need and take whatever you feel you need
Bad Kids Kálvária program
Discussions about life and future among representatives of NGOs, activists and civil people
Dínom-Dánom concert

Come and participate, taste the free food, share your thoughts, ideas and opinions about life and how to make it better!

Details (in Hungarian):

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saturday 26 of September

An other interesting event organized by FUNXION collective and Urban danja in Athens , this time it will take place in Padeios university. NOCTURNAL from the UK is the special guess of the night. The party will be open air at the yard of the university building.

report from the Gay Pride in Budapest

This year’s Pride Parade in Budapest was calm and rather boring, as fewer people showed up compared to the previous year. Indeed, Pride Parade 2008 was rather violent with neo-nazis and average observers, apparently homophobes, throwing eggs, tomatoes and bottles into the participants of Pride Parade 2008.

>> By the way, this violence is caused by the government headed by ex-prime minister Gyrcsany as before 2007 and 2008 the Pride Parade was peaceful and boring for the media. <<

The only positive thing about 2008 Pride was high attention of the media and increased security (Not all cops are bastards after all) this year. Not only Andrassy avenue, where the Parade took place this year, but also parallel streets were closed and surrounded by fences. Basically, a big part of central Budapest including metro was closed.
>> The right to free assembly is a basic constitutional right. But in gulyas democracy of Hungary this right has to be protected by hundreds of policemen and rows of fences. <<

Crowds of people were to be observed outside the fences, apparently not as many as previous year. Moreover, this day was a football match between Hungary and Sweden and most probably most hooligans were already at the stadium by the end of the Parade. The Parade participants turned out to be hard nuts for those willing to attack them, as police was escorting them even after the end of the Parade at Deak sq. and Blaha Lujza sq., as all the participants were recommended to go to Blaha Lujza by metro.
This decision was based on previous year’s accident when at the end of Pride Parade it turned out that the participants were trapped because most of neo-nazis gathered at the end point of the Pride 2008, Heroes’ sq.

To the Pride 2009 itself: there were a number of groups and individual people from both Hungary and abroad. The opening speeches were delivered by Juris Lavrikovs, Paata Sabelashvili (ILGA Europe) who welcomed the participants and shared tehir thoughts of the importance of the Pride. There were two cars with sound systems, a froup of people carrying a rainbow flag, and a number of smaller groups including Amnesty-Hungary (the yellow group) and the pink-black bloc.
Overall, it was just another good opportunity for queer people to claim for their right for equality and for their supporters to express their solidarity. Hopefully, the peacefulness of Pride Parade 2009 will become a good tradition and the tolerance in Hungarian society to queer people will grow to the level that no fences will be needed in the future.

Long Live Pride Parade in Budapest!

Fuck Parade fall out

The yearly Fuckparade was taking place again in Berlin on August 22. The gathering point was Revaler Strasse, where the 17 trucks were warming up for the parade. A part of this warm up were also the obligatory speeches. For this, the Fuckparade organisers invited Hans Cousto and Dr. Motte, whose talks can be seen here. They deserve some attention, especially what Motte had to say.
Hans Cousto (who speaks first on the clip), is an author who published books on subjects such as “Cosmic Octave - Origin of Harmony” or “MDMA Tuning”. His angle is the same I criticised a couple of years ago in a praxis newsletter: The state is asked not to sell off its property to people who want to extract value out of “our” party culture, meaning “capitalists in other parts of the world”. He pleads that for a lively culture there is need for free spaces available to all. Fine, but to lobby the state to provide these spaces is pretty naive to say the least. In our opinion it’s politically objectionable - but all this is nothing new and would not be worth mentioning here if it wasn’t for Dr. Motte’s elaborations that follow on the clip at 4:20.
Dr. Motte is the founder of the Loveparade and a techno musician. Ironically the Fuckparade once upon a time set out to counter the commercialism and conformism of the Loveparade. When Motte himself lost control of the (now defunct) Loveparade, he started taking part of the Fuckparade.
He’s worth quoting:
After introducing himself he says: “I want to briefly sum up how I would like to define our electronic life culture. In a Nazi book about symbols I have read something great! You have to imagine - it was about runes!” He then not only describes the man rune, he also puts down the microphone and impersonates it streching out his hands and then says “it means something very beautiful, unfortunately” the peace movement turned it upside down and made it into something “greedy”, because the original man rune means something like creative development in freedom, according to Dr. Motte (or his “Nazi book”), and “this is the expression of our electronic music, and our politicians should please preserve our freedom and not sell it to property fonds who don’t care because this is our coutry, our country!!” After shouting the last words, and some applause by the Fuckparade audience, he continues: “It doesn’t belong to them but to us all, and I demand from all politicians also our mayor with his bad, gay politics that no one needs, to champion our ideals, our free spaces (…) for our free culture, not the culture of the empire from above”.
This tour de force took less than three minutes, but raises a number of questions. How can he link what he calls “our electronic life culture” to a “Nazi book” about runes? What does he mean with the “bad, gay politics that no one needs” of Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit (who is openly gay)?
The second point was picked up by the mainstream press (Der Tagesspiegel from August 27-08-09), and Motte “apologized” to the mayor saying that “as an Anarchist” he respects the freedom of everybody else, including sexual freedom. But what did he mean? “The neoliberal politics” of the mayor is the answer. Gay = neoliberal?
The use of the word “gay” as “something bad” should not be tolerated at a supposedly left wing event that the Fuckparade purports to be. At least this time the statement became controversial at all - because it was not the first time he made it: At an anti-gentrification demo (Megaspree) on July 11 of this year he also went on about the “gay politics” of the gay mayor - on his own blog he still quotes himself saying it. Only now that he’s “found out” he “apologizes” (how serious he is about it is illustrated by the fact that his statement from the July 11 demo is still on his own website which suggests that the “apology” is just a PR exercise in damage control).
But even worse - and not picked up by the mainstream press - is that he explicitly bases his definition of “our electronic life culture” on Nazi esotericism - and was not challenged at the Fuckparade itself about this.
There has been very different kinds of research into the history and meaning of runes. This is not the place to go into it, but it is worth noting that the rune “research” of the Nazis is largely based on Guido von List, a charlatan who claimed to have received his rune wisdom in visions, author of “Das Geheimnis der Runen” (Secrets of the Runes) from 1908. I am no expert in the field but it appears that List’s Runology is practically completely made up to fit his völkisch-nationalist ideology. Via other far right esotericists such as Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels and Karl Maria Wiligut this became the basis for the Nazi interpretation of runes. Although we don’t know which book exactly Dr. Motte is referring to, we have to assume (since it’s a “Nazi book”) that it reflects the völkisch-racist and anti-semitic ideology of the mentioned authors.
Other enthusiasts for the man rune include Death In June who use it in the header of their web site as well as on the cover of their album “The Wörld Thät Sümmer”.
At least the Fuckparade realized they had to distance themselves clearly from Dr. Motte and did so on their web site on Sept. 1.

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Book on Techno, Rave, Club Culture “Global Nomads Techno and New Age as Transnational Countercultures in Ibiza and Goa By Anthony D’Andrea”

It seems interesting actually I would like to read it

The book of the Antony D’ Andrea who makes the blog Global raver known also as Techno Tony :) )


About the Book

Global Nomads provides a unique introduction to the globalization of countercultures, a topic largely unknown in and outside academia. Anthony D’Andrea examines the social life of mobile expatriates who live within a global circuit of countercultural practice in paradoxical paradises.

Based on nomadic fieldwork across Spain and India, the study analyzes how and why these post-metropolitan subjects reject the homeland in order to shape an alternative lifestyle. They become artists, therapists, exotic traders and bohemian workers seeking to integrate labor, mobility and spirituality within a cosmopolitan culture of expressive individualism. These countercultural formations, however, unfold under neo-liberal regimes that appropriate utopian spaces, practices and imaginaries as commodities for tourism, entertainment and media consumption.

In order to understand the paradoxical globalization of countercultures, Global Nomads develops a dialogue between global and critical studies. By introducing the concept of ‘neo-nomadism’, this new theorization overcomes some of the shortcomings in studies of globalization.

This book is an essential reference for researchers and students of Sociology, Anthropology of Globalization, Cultural Studies, as well as Tourism, Lifestyle Migration, Subculture, Rave/Club, and New Age studies

These are just a few of the topics covered:

- Aesthetics of the self: post-sexualities in a digital age
- Counterculture and commodity
- Hippie scenes: autonomy and tourism
- Club scene in Ibiza: underground and industry
- Ethnography of the largest nightclub in the world
- Psytrance scene in Goa
- Nomadic spirituality in psychedelic rituals
- Global Countercultures

You can find Global Nomads at main online booksellers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, eBay, Borders etc), you can click on the link on the right side of this blog, or you can obtain it directly from Routledge website:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fuck Parade 2009 report

fuckparade is a counterconcept to the loveparade. this year it was bigger and louder than the years before… the crowd was mixed: half innercity alternative minimal ravers and left wing folks and the other half hardcore gabba outer city disco folks, to speak in this black and white oversimplification. here are some pics:






Friday, August 21, 2009

Fuck Parade 2009


Demonstration: Fuckparade August 22nd / 2 pm / Berlin (Germany)

The Fuckparade – a demonstration for subcultural claims and rights – will
be on the street again on August 22 this year. From a subcultural
perspective, 2009 was dominated so far by an increasing awareness of how
easily everybody’s lifestyle can be negatively affected by a growing
appetite of state institutions to control every aspect of life.Total
surveillance, non-acceptance of alternative lifestyles via tightened
budgets and higher living expenses, old fashioned 20th century regulations
ignoring every change of modern communication and artistic expression
(such as the GEMA) are just a few examples why subcultural people will once
more join on the streets of Berlin to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the

Saturday, August 22, 2 pm
Revaler Straße


Thursday, August 20, 2009

back after the summer break

Apples from the underground starts functioning again after the summer break , full of new articles and updates.. You re always welcome to send us your news , reports and articles at the official contact of the insti2te blog or just comment bellow the posts.

Friday, July 10, 2009

tonight in Athens

If you re currently in Athens and you re searching for any good parties tonight , I guess this is a good solution. Aposidonismos collective is organizing one more event with the usual line up. Dupstep , drum n bass and experimental beats.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

its been 10 years

some articles about J18 (the june 18th actions against G8 and capitalism in 1999), ten years ago:

from transpontine

at datacide

also an old article in datacide

ten years later: there is still capitalism (in crisis) and no more G8 (but G20).
at least in berlin raves are still being used for protest (for example street parades against the jubilee of the nation, to protest the restructuring of central city areas for big business, and so on)…

info by Drofnothing "insti2te contributor"

my short report from Fusion Fest and some other general thoughts

I wanted to start writing a report concerning Fusion festival since 3 days now , but I was still totally exhausted , tired, traveling back to the south. I will try to give an overview of Fusion Festival, what questions came up to my mind afterwards about the existing party scene as well as rave today. Im not expecting from myself now ,to extend on a political text ,analysis about the aim concerns of ir , nether putting efforts to reflect at the whole “alternative” concept of Fusion , something like that it needs time and long discussions with all my mates who joined the festival. In the other hand I shouldnt want as well to write just that everything was fine , yeah awesome. (but ok sure Fusion is a good experience for everyone.)

* A description briefly about the festival

Fusion is taking place since 1997 , it remains the biggest alternative festival in Germany or in other words Fusion is a “holiday communism”. 5 days , 12 stages is enough to get totally nostalgic when you live the festival. It takes place at an old soviet embassy approximately 200klm away from Berlin. The location easily reminds you something from the good days of the huge festivals during 90s. People from all around Germany and other countries traveled for some days party. Some of the people especially from Berlin usually join every year as far as I know at least. I arrived there already from the first day of the festival , we manage to set a tent and afterwards went to the main stage.

* main stage

The main stage was incredibly fabulous the opening day. A nice atmosphere , you should also check the youtube video post at the insti2te. Everybody was dancing , seemed everyone knew who is playing , the name of the track etc. That was impressive of course, nice people , nice music , perfect lights and a techno big tower in the middle. Unfortunately I didnt get the same impression for the rest of the days there. For instance on Saturday , the day that a big mass of people arrived in the fest (only for one night probably). It was over crowed , sometimes wasnt really possible to dance . An other point was the people were hmm , a bit alienated. They were not even smiling to each other ,something totally different than some other smaller stages. It was like beiing in the middle of nowhere , with unknown people , who are not even help full when someone was falling down , had an accident , was really drunk or whatever…

* cubes stage

The stage I liked the most , I guess. It was decoraded with nice cube iron constractions around the dancefloor (you can also look at the pics of Drofnothing). Minimal techno , house , electro djs were playing all days and nights good stuff , the people were friendly , good dancers etc.

* a stage near to the paradize bar (the main bar? of the festival)

A back yard something like a not announced stage. There sometimes was even better than my favorite cubes. As far as I know it wasnt announced and only faces I know from berlin were often hanging around there. Usually the line up was good electro stuff , some drum n bass and many more genres of every kind.

Well… I cant really write for every stage because all of them together were 12. On the rest of the stages you could find a huge diversity of artists and good sounds as well , such as drum n bass , post rock , dubstep even sometimes jungle and electro bands etc.

* food

All around the festival you could find several food wagons. All of them were selling vegetarian and vegan food such as the wagon burger place , a popular vegan burger. I really liked that wasnt really a place that you could buy meat , I suppose it wasnt tolerated by the organized group of the fest. Generally the food was cheap comparing at least with other festivals

political barrios and workshops.

Except the red communist and antifa flags , some german radical left groups from around Germany were spreading information for different political campaigns or organized workshops. People from media-spree , antifa as well as people who were organizing a couple of workshops concerning gender discrimination problems , helping people who faced sexism or homophobia during the festival and beyond.

* Kino

Several good movies projected at the kino space. One that finally didnt manage to go was the “Berlin calling”

* exhibitions

A lot of exhibitions , theatre performances took place at the “cazino” space and the theatre

some general thoughts about Fusion

Always when I am attending in an alternative festival specifically the last years , i really dont like the environment of the “consuming paradize” , alianation and extreme ignorance?? of the people. Sometimes I was annoyed by these who were throwing bottles , trash all around , making a mess , expecting from others to clean the space afterwards. Finally I attend to believe that it is impossible to create anywhere (at least inside the European states of control) relations based in equality , solidarity and without discrimination.At least not yet. Everything happens for money , everybody accepts that , only a short minority stands against. The relation also of organizers/party consumers , it remains something that only few people are reflecting as well. No questions about autonomy , horizontality or even further discussing for alternatives of life ways. Self management was missing once more. I dont wanna say that it is only the problem of the organizer committee. First “We” are also responsible for what kind of situations wanna build. when some are realizing that , the repression is coming. I think it is time to resist against it again. It is time for the sounds of resistance to occupy the soundsystem again :) )

As an ending point I would like to express my full Solidarity with the TEKNIVALS , free parades in France and all around the world…

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fusion Festival photos and a report

Hello everybody .. A nice photo report is now available at insti2te blogzine , actually I already miss the atmosphere of the "holiday kommunismus" wanna go back :). If you also were at the festival please send me your reports and comments

photos and reports you can find here

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free Parade and reppression in Paris

beginning of the summer in Berlin

so again we went to Lokal on Saturday, for another session of “love techno hate germany”, seems like this becomes our regular party (it’s once a month and someone of us is there in most cases, for the first time i also had fancypunk with me)… i atleast went only there to chill a bit, but the set of yoko fono even got me to dance a bit, really nice.


sorry this is the only picture i have from the set, but i marked for you which areas are the djane ;)


then sunday was fete de la musique in berlin, it’s a festival around the world in big cities where they play music for free on the streets to celebrate the beginning of summer. we went first to schillingbrücke, where one of the more public techno areas is usually. this year it was to much commercial labeled for me (i mean most of the time i don’t care, but this time it was a bit strange). the last years it was different and i found it to be nicer then. anyways, we didn’t stay there long, although the music was pretty nice.


we went back to görlitzer park and got caught in the rain that washed away the summer beginning party… pilocka krach was playing. the atmosphere still was nice, because the visual spectacle of sun getting down in the light rain and some rainbows was pretty spectacular. many people were dancing in the mud of this wasted park. we were getting to wet and finally decided to head home, this fete de la musique thing only lasts until 22 o’clock anyways and we were still fucked up.

Chasse aux Ravers à Paris : des dizaines de blessé-es lors d'une Fête de la Musique Libre

As soon As we get the english translation we will post it here!

Communiqué de presse du dimanche 21 juin 2009

Ce samedi 20 avril, une quinzaine de chars sonorisés et plusieurs milliers de Ravers ont défilé dans une ambiance festive à l’occasion d’une « Free Parade », manifestation en faveur des valeurs d'autonomie, de partage, de gratuité et de liberté ( En cette veille de fête de la musique, cet événement était aussi porteur d’un message d’alerte et d’inquiétude des acteurs et des actrices de cette scène musicale. Cette mobilisation visait à dénoncer la répression que subit la Tekno Libre (musique techno non-marchande), faisant ainsi écho aux manifestations de la semaine passée, qui avaient rassemblé plus de 1000 teufeurs et teufeuses dans les rues d'Évreux et de Mulhouse. C’est en effet toute une mouvance musicale et culturelle qui est en proie à une répression drastiquement durcie depuis quelques mois, dont le « traditionnel » Teknival du 1er mai 2009 (festival autogéré rassemblant plusieurs milliers de Ravers et dont Nicolas Sarkozy s'etait engagé à faciliter la tenue chaque année) a constitué le point d’orgue : plus de 30 « Sounds Systems » français ont été arbitrairement saisis par les autorités de l’État (, qui ont réquisitionné tout le matériel de sonorisation de ces collectifs musicaux, artistiques et culturels (matériel dont la valeur peut être estimée à deux ou trois millions d'euros !). Des centaines de personnes se retrouvent ainsi dépossédées (voire ruinées) pour avoir voulu offrir des fêtes autonomes et non-commerciales. Une répression sans précédent en près de 20 ans de Zones d'Autonomie Temporaire festives...

À l’ère du numérique, saisir le matériel sonore n'est il pas une nouvelle forme d'autodafé ?

À la fin de cette Free Parade les manifestant-es ont décidé de prolonger la « teuf » au bois de Boulogne, en célébrant dès minuit une Fête de « leur » Musique, conçue comme une légitime mise en accusation de la réduction croissante du droit d'expression des artistes et musiciens amateurs lors des festivités officielles du 21 juin.

Quelques centaines de personnes se trouvaient déjà sur le site lorsqu'une cinquantaine d'agents de la B.A.C et de policiers en tenues anti-émeute, bientôt rejoint par de nombreux renforts, ont violemment chargé la foule à coups de matraques. Les gens se sont alors regroupés pour éviter les coups et protéger le matériel sonore. En dépit de cette réaction manifestement pacifique, la police a poursuivi les charges au moyen de grenades lacrymogènes et de pistolets flash-balls, parfois de façon particulièrement dangereuse (tirs tendus ou même à bout portant, en direction du buste ou du visage, etc.). Des individus à terre ont été roués de coups de pieds et aspergés de gaz ; un handicapé, membre de Médecins Du Monde, fut même jeté hors de son fauteuil roulant avant d'être molesté au sol. Au passage, les forces de police ont volontairement détérioré des véhicules et du matériel appartenant aux fêtards.

Empêchant l'accès aux véhicules, la police a pendant plusieurs heures conduit une véritable « chasse aux Ravers », n’hésitant pas à lâcher des chiens à leur poursuite… Une attitude d’autant plus paradoxale que les Sound Systems avaient commencé à partir dès l’intervention policière.

Tandis que les membres de Médecins Du Monde tentaient d’effectuer des premiers soins, les policiers ont interdit l'accès aux pompiers venus secourir les blessé-es. En plus des dizaines de blessé-es à déplorer, nombre de personnes se trouvent en état de choc suite à cette longue nuit où les forces de l’ordre ont fait preuve d'une violence inconcevable face à des jeunes qui dansaient paisiblement au bord d'un lac attendant l’aube d’un 21 juin normalement placé sous les auspices de la musique...

Nous demandons donc la liberation immediate des 4 interpelé-es et la restitution de tout les Sound Systems saisis, ainsi que l'arret des poursuites judiciaires à l'encontre des acteurs et des actrices de la mouvance Tekno !

Collectif des Sound Systems

A Propos de la Tekno Libre et des Free Party....

Ceux qui parlent de révolution et de lutte sans comprendre ce qu'il y a de subversif dans notre culture, de positif dans le refus des contraintes, ceux-là ont dans la bouche un cadavre !

Notre but est la participation immédiate à une abondance passionnelle de la vie, à travers le changement de moments périssables délibérément aménagés. La réussite de ces moments ne peut être que leur effet passager. Nous envisageons l'activité culturelle, du point de vue de la totalité, comme construction expérimentale de la vie quotidienne. Il s'agit de produire nous-mêmes, et non des choses qui nous asservissent. Notre identité est l'autogestion, la mobilisation infinie notre force, la danse et la musique l'expression de notre indéfectible liberté.

Or, la liberté absolue offense, déconcerte. On préfère alors invoquer la maladie, la démoralisation, la déviance… pour légitimer son oppression. Qui nous juge n'est pas né à l'esprit, à cet esprit de liberté que nous voulons dire, et qui est pour nous bien au-delà de ce que vous appelez la liberté.
Gare à vos logiques, Mes-sieurs-dames, gare à vos logiques, vous ne savez pas jusqu'où notre haine de la logique peut nous mener.

Il faut lutter sans plus attendre, dans notre culture, pour l'apparition concrète de l'ordre mouvant de l'avenir. Les forces réactionnaires à l'œuvre dans notre pays ne laisseront à aucun prix, tout en affirmant le contraire, une véritable contestation culturelle se développer en dehors de celle qu'elles ont pris soin d'organiser elles-mêmes. Des lois injustes existent : nous satisferons-nous de leur obéir ou tacherons-nous de les amender, de leur obéir jusqu'à ce que nous y ayons réussi, ou les transgresserons-nous sur le champ ? On estime en général devoir attendre d'avoir persuadé la majorité de les altérer. On pense que si l'on résistait, le remède serait pire que le mal. Or c'est de la responsabilité du gouvernement lui-même que le remède soit pire que le mal. C'est lui qui rend pire.

Alors jetez votre vote, pas un simple bout de papier, mais toute votre influence. Une minorité est impuissante tant qu'elle se conforme à la majorité. Ce n'est du reste plus une minorité, mais elle devient irrésistible quand elle la bloque de tout son poids. La victoire sera pour ceux qui auront su faire le désordre sans l'aimer.

Il nous reste, dans les limites où il nous appartient d'agir avec efficacité, à témoigner en toutes circonstances de notre attachement absolu à l'existence de notre culture, non pas seulement en assurant individuellement la sauvegarde de ce principe, non pas seulement en élevant une faible protestation contre chaque violation qui en est faite, mais encore en recourant, le cas échéant, aux moyens d'agitation générale les plus propices.

"Au vent qui sème la tempête, se récolte les jours de fête"

Friday, June 19, 2009

ready for FUSION?

ok I got back to Berlin for a short time , visiting drofnothing and other friends as Pete , Hannan and so on. As Far as I realized here a lot of serious stuff are going on. People are willing to squat the airport of Tempelhof , the ravers are really inaction and the misarrable situation within the activist scene is still here , nothing change in that sense. Next week one of the biggest alternative festivals in Germany , fusion will take place as you possibly imagine I will attend together with people I mentioned before. Actually FUSION remains one immpresed event who more than 20.000 people go every year. If you re around Germany dont miss it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

solidarity with the Bulgarian queer June 27

> Here is the statement of "AnarchoResistance", 3 days before the
> protests. I will try to translate also a brief article about what
> happened.
> ======================================================================
> About the upcoming protest
> This communique is a response to the rumors and statements circulating
> in the media and on the internet regarding the upcoming protest on
> January 14. We, the people gathered in the informal collective
> „AnarchoResistance“, decided to clearly express our attitude towards the
> upcoming protest even though writing declarations and using big words in
> not our prefered method of action. We do not pretend to represent anyone
> else but ourselves, and we are not purporting to speak on behalf of the
> entire anarchist movement in Bulgaria.
> First and foremost we want to clarify for those around us and for the
> media that we are NOT CO-ORGANIZERS or ORGANIZERS, and will not be
> supporting or attending this protest officially as a group. We do not
> want to get into a more serious debate with the organizers and
> co-organizers not because we don't have serious arguments and opinions
> SPECIFICALLY about this protest, but because we consider this to be
> inappropriate since we don't have a direct connection to the current
> organizers.
> We find it uncanny and detrimental that soccer fan groups and factions
> have suddenly become involved in the protests especially at a moment
> when the student movement was getting stronger and was clearly operating
> outside of the influence and manipulations of the state, the political
> parties and their leaders. We don't see the logic behind letting people
> with openly racist positions and neo-nazi affiliation to participate and
> frame the boundaries and tone of protests which have concrete goals and
> demands... unless of course certain political and economic circles are
> simply aiming to discredit the raising dissent. All of this is happening
> in an athmosphere of threats of „the ugliest scenes in Bulgaria“ and
> open attempts to instigate clashes between warrying soccer hooligan
> groups which threatens to sully the student protests and to give a
> formal excuse to the state and the medias for attacking and dismissing
> the goals of this protest. This is a way to channel the social tensions
> once again while discrediting the malcontent students, evironmentalists
> and ordinary citizens through the actions of a handful of soccer
> hooligans. As a result of these manipulations the demands of the
> students have already been completely obscured while the medias are
> awash with empty worlds and generalizations.
> This text is also a response to widely published lies and sick fantasies
> about some imaginary „support“ by Greek soccer hooligans, who
> purportedly were going to „return the favor to Bulgarians who supported
> last month's protests in Greece.“ This is a complete fabrication by the
> medias seeking cheap sensations and an attempt to discredit both the
> righteous rebellion in Greece and the participation of Bulgarian
> anarchists (not of soccer vandals) in it.
> We cannot stand behind a protest, which began as a youth and citizen
> movement, but is being represented consistently as „national“, wrapped
> in nationalist rethoric and symbols. The „national“ status of the
> protest implies a solidarity with all kinds of Bulgarian mafioso,
> ultra-right, and neoliberal groups and interests simply because it
> assigns belonging to a common, monolithic, undivided whole (unity) to
> each and every one of us. The „nation“ is a fiction that serves to
> frame, manage and manipulate various social groups and issues. It is
> populism and demagoguery. We recognize clearly in it the essence of that
> which we are fighting against.
> Various materials and video clips are circulating on the internet
> inviting people to participate in this protest. These materials are
> charged with clear political insinuations and are already damaging not
> only the outcome of this particular protest but the future of a movement
> of dissent in the long term. We are concerned that these protests will
> become nothing more that sanctioned parades. They are not challenging
> the state better, they not becoming more creative or more effective for
> that matter, they are turning into a shapeless crowd of people holding
> sings. People are already sick and tired of this kind of protest, and we
> all must seek more effective and more moving ways to express oursevles
> and achieve that which we are striving for. „The insertion“ of very
> different and real demands by various protesting groups into the common
> populist protest frame, of which we are all so tired, will turn this
> protest into a grotesque.
> In addition, the lack of coordination among all those concerned and
> expected to participate is creating a space for „leaders“ and an
> „avant-garde“ to step-up who are visibly enjoying the media attention
> and the courtship of various political parties without having a
> legitimate or moral right to represent all protesters. A protest framed
> in these terms serves directly and indirectly political parties such as
> GERB and ATAKA – right-wing populist formations which interestingly
> enough are not being recognized as part of the ruling gang.
> We support political demands and believe that we should not avoid
> „politicizing“ the protests when they have clear goals and transparent
> organizational methods. Those in power should be brought to their knees
> but that necessitates a political culture and clear consensus among
> protesters.
> We stand behind the environmental groups and the students in their anger
> against the continuing commercialization of the natural environment and
> of education. We support them in their outrage at the violence that is
> part of these anti-social processes of privatization. But we do not
> support protests with openly nationalist tendencies. We do not support a
> protest that will only serve the authorities and the state, a protest
> that will serve to channel the student dissent around a specific event
> and with concrete demands but will stop directly and indirectly future
> student protests, it will prevent the creation of an independent student
> activist network, it will stop the building of real, automonous citizen
> structures that could apply a constant pressure against the authorities
> and could seek change not only of the status quo but of the entire
> current system – the lies called „representative democracy“, „free
> market“, „market economy“ and „capitalism“.
> January 11, 2009
> automonous anti-authoriatiran group „Anarcho-Resistance“

Monday, June 1, 2009

Electrorode Festival in Rome Italy 12-13 of June

It seems that in Italy this year , a lot of electronic festival are taking place. I found by reading the history is made at night blog a festival named ELECTRORODE will held in a social centre of Rome named Forte Prenestino. The line up is minimal techno as far as I understand from the flyer. Some artists that we constatly write at the insti2te blog will be there such as Anthony Rother. More info and the line up here


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

International Noise Conspiracy live in Athens Agricultural university/ 30-5


The (International) Noise Conspiracy is a rock band formed in Sweeden in the late months of 1998. They will appear on the stage for a second time in Greece next saturday. They are definitely one of the most political bands of our days , combining anticapitalism with subcultures of resistance like punk music. There is much fanfare about the band’s Marxist ideology and position as communists, a label they in fact give themselves. This year the band is invited by a extraparliamentary left group ’s annual festival. Maybe you know the songs capitalism stole my virginity , we are not for sale that they traveled around the world and apparently have inspired the alter globalization and other alternative movements in the previous years. A kind of remarkable is that the band is playing mostly on political radical events around Europe such as rise against in Melbourne , lets make history in Madrin and many more other anticapitalist events and festivals. Beyond the political views of the band , their sounds are even more interesting , probably not so interesting for techno and rave crowds , but in the other hand everyone should have to reflect on the messages who they are trying to spread with their lyrics. If you are visiting Athens the next days or if you live there , it would be great to give them a change

more info about the Band

Monday, May 25, 2009

NO" to oil pipe-line "Bourgas-Alexandroupolis

"NO" to oil pipe-line "Bourgas-Alexandroupolis"

98.97 % out of the 14 900 people who voted in the Pomorie municipality
voted "NO" on the referendum about the oil pipe-line

This became clear once 100% of the votes had been counted. The ones that
voted "Yes" are 1,03%, and the turnout is 50,12%, this had been stated by
the chair of the election commission - Luba Stravolevoma, as quoted in
Focus information agency. Such a turnout means that the locals had managed
to pass the 51% and that the referendum is legitimate. The Pomorian
referendum is the first legitimate referendum out of the three that had
place. In Bourgas 50 000 said 'no' to the project, 5000 from Sozopol, who
also expressed their negative attitude towards the project. But in both
cases the turnout did not go over the 51% barrier that would have made
them legitimate.

The question was "Do you agree on the construction of the oil pipeline
'Bourgas-Alexandroupolis', having its track and installations on the
territory of the Pomorie municipality?" The results will be send to the
local authorities as well as to the company that will be implementing the

Earlier, the mass participation of the citizens of the Pomorie
municipality, had made the city mayor - Petar Zlatanov, happy. "I am
grateful to the citizens, that they went to give their vote. In this way
they help our administration, the help the government and the people, that
are engaged in the project. The referendum showed that citizens are
gaining confidence, that their opinion will be taken into account. I am
completely confident in this, because I see the useful contact between the
government, the municipal authorities and and companies that will
implement the project.

The election day started at 6.00 in 47 sections, reported the chair of the
municipal election commission. The activity of the citizens at about 9.00
am was 9.5% already, that is more in respect to the last local elections,
when at that point the turnout was at about 6%. At about 12.00 27% had
voted and it was expected that the turnout will be high and that it will
go over 50%.

In the Pomorie municipality there a bit more than 23 000 people have
voting rights.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Athens : report from Legalize Festival

Legalize pro-testival is an annual event that takes place in Greece. A diversity of groups , artists , cultural activists gather every year to protest against the Greek drug policy. Legalize protestival is also a mobilization for all those people who faced the state repression because They like to smoke weed. This year the Festival has been divided in two parts (weekends). The first weekend of May the festival took place at Ermou street in the very (center)heart of Athens and the second at the park of environmental awarreness quite close to the city center. The first weekend , before the concerts , the big party and so on, a street parade inspired by reclaim the streets was extending in the big traffics of the city center. A diversity of music like reggae , drum n bass , trance , other accoustic styles , hip hop , punk etc and a lot of people who were willing to stand openly on the the streets for basic legal rights . Therefore the festival was successful , with a lot promises for its development next year. I was not in the organizational collective but I got impressed with the people who joined it as well as the radical overview of the organizers.

I think that even the most suspicious persons about the political background of that festival got satisfied from the participation as well as the collective’s announcement that I put forward bellow.

“This festival is organized from all of us ,for the benefit of all of us and it can take place only through the conscious participation and help from everybody. It is an open public celebration for Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Choice, Self-Determination, Personal and Social Autonomy. There is not any separation between the “organizers”, the “artists”, the cultural activists and all the participators. There is no ticket, no payments or any financial profit , Self-Organization,Voluntary participatory responsibility, Liberation of the Public Space, Anti-commercial logic, Non-Employment, Non-Profit Economics are the values that you find hidden inside the core of Athens Legalize it Festival , in the fight against all prohibitions and against all addictions, in the same way as in all events and festivals of the underground social and political movement in GreeceThis festival fights openly against any kind of drug culture, against the drug-dealers ,against heroin, against cocaine, against ego-trips, against using of multi substances, against junkie attidute and irrational overdose selfish using of substances (whatever kind of them! ) This festival is against stupefaction, freak-out and self-delusion Freedom, Love,Friendship, Music,Travelling, Celebrations,Existential experience of collective Joy,The Dreaming, Creativity, Opening of Consciousness Could never surrender to jailers, Judges, psychiatrists, policemen Or drug-dealers It is an obligation of all of us. This gathering to be a lesson From all of to all of us, An experience that can make us better people an empowering experience a gathering of awareness. This festival is organized against all prohibitions And against all addictions!”

refer links


For all info about the festival:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

London , Police represion and Rampart

London: police represion in Rampart

In an obvious attempt to de-escalate the situation after the events of yesterday, police aggressively raided Rampart today.

How they got in
How they got in

Somebody being led away under arrest
Somebody being led away under arrest


The FIT doing research work
The FIT doing research work

Legal observer at work
Legal observer at work

People being searched outside
People being searched outside

The FIT having a good day...
The FIT having a good day...