In the age of post fordist societies and the new crisis of the occidental world a new popular demand for freedom is necessary. Apples from the Underground is a blog inspired by the underground subcultures of resistance , rave music creativity , temporary autonomous zones and radical theory. Therefore it remains open to everybody to send news , ideas and essential thoughts. Apples from the Underground is also a way to give inspiration to other initiatives , zines and underground iniatives to start function in this crazy society based on oppression and control. Feel free to contact and send us your news and opinions

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this blog runs by underground ravers around Europe
but especially Fancypunk contributor of insti2te progressive party palaver

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 newsletter #1

the shituationist institute. poweravers with supermonster forces and laptops and stickers and glitter. wo-ha. we write about parties and extraordinary actions all over europe.

the shituationist institute

we started this blog as two party partners, always out there for you: fancypunk and dr0fn0thing… then others contribute aswell, and we are very glad for that. we will continue to write this thing, now every day, so check back. and there’s no end in sight, since we stumble over so much stuff here in the big cities of berlin, athens, budapest, london and this endless cyberspace. sometimes we don’tell you about a party, because many parties live from the fact that nobody writes openly about them, due to their illegal nature. if you happen to come to the cities where we live, just hook us up, the secrets are just to be kept away of the bad guys, officials and cops, with all their absurd limitations and repression to the anarchic party and art scene in this world.

don’t think that we just like to have expensive hobbies (to party as much as possible?…), infact we don’t, most of the time we smuggle our drinks inside the fancy places just like you, or try to score free stuff where we can. this blog is our way to say thank you and to support this scene that makes our boring lifes a little more adventurous. when we climb in an old factory in berlin at night and can hear the beat from far, when we sit on a square in athens and try to find out why everybody loves psytrance there. when we feel connected to complete strangers and just enjoy to understand that happiness is what is to be build up. we also organise parties ourselves from time to time, so if you need a techno party organiser, just ask.

well we don’t think that a live only full of techno parties is a joyfull live but we trust in the power of art to open the view for the needs of people. and we say one need of the people is to celebrate and feel unlimited in autonomous and collective spaces. in this little blog we tell you about the parties today, and what we dream of for tomorrow.

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