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Sunday, February 15, 2009

activism and creativity the YOMANGO TANGO example

Yomango Tango

YOMANGO Tango did its Christmas dis-shopping. What better way to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Argentinean revolt, then taking advantage of the generous christmas deals at the supermarket - a supermarket, by the way, who’s greedy tentacles reach all the way to Latin america. The special offer on champaign, "take 14, pay none!" seemed particularly appealing.

The police line protecting the Champion/Carrefour supermarket at the Ramblas of Barcelona was broken by a multitude dressed for tango, anonymous clients suddenly shed their overcoats and started dancing among the shelves... With elegance and style, to a techno-tango beat, they took champaign bottles and danced across the cash registers, entering time and again until they filled the YOMANGO christmas basket.

On the next day, there were pot-bangings and gatherings in front of the main offices of banks in the center of town. Yomango Tango penetrated the main office of the Santander Bank to uncork the bottles and drink a toast to the Argentinean people, and bring to the heart of the city, under a rain of champaign, their call “que se vayan todos!” - calling for all of them to go away (them meaning, among others, multinational corporations and banks that suck Argentina dry, but usually refering also to all politicians).

download this video: Yomango (2003). Run Time 6'12''. Size: 97.63 Mb. Format: mime type quicktime mov (video/quicktime). Licence: copyleft

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