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Wednesday, February 25, 2009 special edition ACID HOUSE

Following our ideas for a special edition of insti2te blog about “essential” blogzines , websites connected with one season , one generation , one subculture , one radical theory . Rave/Acid House is definitely one of the most remarkable subcultures of the contemporary days. Today we dedicate some lines for a really “super” website : the . A website who summarizes the anti-history of rave .. except nice photos , interesting articles and texts , we can also finds jungle mp3s for downloading for free. check it out .. We copy - paste some lines from the website concerning acid house anti history ??? and the UK


“Wayne Anthony took his first ecstasy tablet in Spain 1987. Then the Summer of Love hit Britain in ‘88 and, together with the rest of the youth of the UK, Wayne embraced the bright new Acid House lifestyle of dance music, MDMA and all-night celebrations as Britain partied like never before.

Yet when Wayne turned his natural East End entrepreneurial instincts to the rave world, and began organising the infamous Genesis dance parties for thousands of people, he quickly discovered the seamy downside of the Acid House dream. Beneath the shiny smiley surfaces lurked a vicious world of violence, police harassment, gangsters, protection rackets and organised crime.

In two years as an illegal dance party promoter, Wayne Anthony made-and lost – hundreds of thousands of pounds, took vast amounts of drugs, and jumped out of an airplane on LSD. He was also beaten up by psychotic ex-paratroopers, menaced by criminals and blackmailers, confronted with sawn-off shotguns, kidnapped and threatened with murder.

Wayne Anthony spent two years breaking and entering into warehouses and putting his life on the line in the vanguard of the dance party revolution which swept the UK in the late eighties. Class of 88 is his raw, idiosyncratic and fascinating account of how Acid House changed his life and Great Britain, and later the world, forever…”

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